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Is the Rent Too High? Land Ownership and Monopoly Power  

(with C. Luke Watson)

The Internal Geography of Firms  

(with Dominick Bartelme)

Accepted, Journal of International Economics

Entrepôt: Hubs, Scale, and Trade Costs

(with Woan Foong Wong and Sharat Ganapati)

Conditionally Accepted, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

Productivity, Place, and Plants 

(with Benjamin Schoefer)

Accepted, Review of Economics and Statistics

JUE Insight: Firms and Industry Agglomeration  

(with Dominick Bartelme)

Forthcoming, Journal of Urban Economics

Unhappy cities.

(with Ed Glaeser and Joshua Gottlieb) 

Journal of Labor Economics, 34(S2), S129-S182.

The Micro-geography of Productivity Density and Sorting.  (Online appendix)

Economic Geography in Reduced Form (revision soon)