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The Micro-geography of Productivity Density and Sorting.  (Online appendix)

The Internal Geography of Firms (with Dominick Bartelme)

Is the Rent Too High? Land Ownership and Monopoly Power (with C. Luke Watson)

Economic Geography in Reduced Form (revision soon)

Firm and Industry Agglomeration (with Dominick Bartelme)

Glaeser, E. L., Gottlieb, J. D., & Ziv, O. (2016). Unhappy cities. Journal of Labor Economics, 34(S2), S129-S182. (NBER Working Paper version)

Work in progress

Entrepôt (with WoanFoong Wong and Sharat Ganapati)

Productivity and Place (with Benjamin Schoefer)

Firm and Location Quality: an AKM Approach (with Naomi Hausman and Ben Zou)